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Currently directing and producing 90min feature doc for BBC - details still under wraps. 


Directed and produced drama doc for Netflix telling the story of the rise of Alexander the Great. Directed drama elements (including battle scenes), conducted interviews, shot the archaelogy elements and edit produced 2 episodes. (6x40m)



Series directing big new true crime series following the thefts of masterpieces. Shot and edited in a Nordic Noir style, the stories take us deep into the murky world of East European gangs. Clues, spies, and wire taps lead us back to the paintings. Uses extensive graphic and drama to tell the story. (3x60m)

AGE OF EMPIRES IV (Microsoft/Relic)R).


Series produced and directed cinematic films for a new big budget AAA world-famous computer game. Details are currently subject to an NDA until its global release in late 2021. This was an epic 18 month project to produce films that are a combination of drama, high-end CGI, animation and spectacular specially filmed imagery of locations around the world. Shot on an Arri Alexa, drones and high-speed Phantom cameras at up to 100 frames/second. 4K HiDR

A House Through Time (BBC 2)


Produced and directed two episodes of series presented by David Olusoga. Tells the story of an ordinary Liverpool house and all the people who have lived in it over the past 175 years. Through this we tell a story of Britain. 2x60min HD

Who Do You Think You Are? (BBC 1)


Produced and directed film featuring Carol Vorderman tracing her family history back to the Netherlands. On the way she uncovered a remarkable but tragic story about her father’s role in the Dutch resistance.  1x60min HD

Hunt for the Arctic Ghost Ship (C4/NOVA)


Drama director for this feature documentary. It charts the 2014 discovery of Franklin’s ships that had been lost in the Arctic for over 160 years. Shot in Canada and the UK.   1x60min HD

The Crusades: Crescent & the Cross (History Channel)


Produced & directed big-budget drama-documentary on the Crusades featuring huge battle reconstructions. CGI extensively employed throughout, especially in The Lord of the Rings style battles. Drama filmed in Morocco on Film/High Def. Documentary elements shot in Turkey, Syria and Israel. 1x120min HD

Viking Apocalypse (National Geographic/Netflix)

Wrote and directed one off docu-drama about an amazing archaeological find; 54 decapitated Vikings on the Dorset coast. Story is told as unravelling detective story with extensive CGI battle scenes & drama.  50min HD

The Divine Michelangelo (BBC 1)

Co –directed primetime BBC 1 drama-documentaries. Starring Stephen Noonan this is a dramatised biography of Michelangelo’s life featuring ambitious rebuilds of his most famous works. Featured extensive use of CGI.   2x60min

Frontmen (ZDF/Reelz)

Produced and directed feature length docudrama following the rise of rock star Jon Bon Jovi. The story is told by those who were there and witnessed it and a psychologist analyses what it took to get to the top. Drama scenes shot at October Studios. 90m HD

Electric Dreams (BBC 4)



Series directed time-travelling science living history series; the blue-print for Back in time for Dinner. A modern family is taken back in time to 1970 and stripped of modern technology. Then, they fast-forwarded a day per year to the modern day, taking delivery of gadget of the year. An experiment to see how technology has shaped our everyday life over the last four decades.  3x60min


Victorian Farm (BBC 2)



Series produced and directed six films featuring a unique experiment set on a Victorian farm. A group of historians live the life of Victorian farmers at the time of the agricultural revolution. One of BBC2's highest rated shows of the year.  6x60min


The Great British Summer (BBC 1)

Series produced and directed prime-time Sunday evening series that went back to back with Planet Earth on how the natural world shapes our summer. Films were visually stunning utilising the latest in time-lapse, hi-speed, macro and aerial photography.  2x60min HD


Series produced and directed three films following minute by minute the events of the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004. Features interviews of people who were caught up in the disaster together with archive. Also looked at the science behind the event. 3x60min HD

Egypt’s Lost Pyramid (Smithsonian/C4)

Produced and directed feature documentary following the discovery and opening of the first sealed pyramid ever found in Egypt. This was exclusive access and we filmed light entering the tomb for the first time in over 3000 years. Used scientific techniques and forensics to find out who’s tomb it was. 1x60min HD

The Greatest Race (C4/ZDF)

Directed documentary content of film about the real Ben Hur and the daring chariot racers of the Roman world. Featured experimental archaeology to work out exactly how the chariots were built and raced. Shot in Italy and UK. 1x60m 4K

Secret History: Rome’s Sunken Secrets (C4/PBS/History)

Produced and directed documentary about Baiae, a lost underwater Roman resort in the Bay of Naples. A team of archaeologists explore the ruins, and using CGI, we rebuild the town.  1x60min HD

Full Steam Ahead (BBC 2)

Series produced and directed six-part immersive history series telling the history of the railways in Britain.   6x60min HD


Chinese New Year – The Biggest Celebration on Earth (BBC 2)

Director and producer on this as-live series; working with Kate Humble in Hong Kong.   6x60min HD

18 Kids and Counting (C4)
Directed observational documentary following Britain’s biggest family. As Sue Radford gives birth to her eighteenth child, her 21-year-old daughter gets married and gives birth to her third.  1x60min HD


Kew on a Plate (BBC 2)

Series directed series in which chef Raymond Blanc and Kate Humble spend a year at Kew re-establishing the long-lost fruit and vegetable plots that once provided produce for the royal household.  4x60min HD


Secrets of the Castle (BBC 2/Arte)

Directed episode of living history series set on a Medieval French castle. A team of builders and archaeologists are building a castle from scratch in a 25-year project using only tools and techniques of the age.  1x60min HD


Tudor Monastery Farm (BBC 2)
Series produced and directed next instalment of hit ‘Farm’ strand. This time the team go back to 1500 and take on a monastic farm.  7x60min HD


Henry VII: Winter King (BBC 2)
Produced and directed one-off documentary based on the best-selling book ‘The Winter King’. Presented by Thomas Penn.  1x60min HD


Engineering Giants (BBC 2)

Produced and directed episode of popular-science series. By dissecting enormous machines, we discover their secrets; from a Boeing 747 and cross-channel ferry to an oil rig. Used extensive CGI. 1x60min HD


Wartime Farm (BBC 2)

Series produced and directed follow up to the hit series Victorian Farm and Edwardian Farm. 4x60min HD


The Link (National Geographic)

Wrote and directed episode of landmark science series tracing history of technology through a series of interlinking breakthroughs from medieval times to the present day. Incorporated complex graphics.

50min HD


Edwardian Farm (BBC 2)

Series produced and directed follow up to the hit series Victorian Farm. This time the team take on a coastal farm for an even bigger challenge.  12x60min


Victorian Farm Christmas (BBC 2)

Series produced and directed Christmas specials of popular BBC2 series.  3x60min


Lost Worlds – The Templars (History Channel)

Highest rated History Channel show in the US of 2006. Produced and directed film using extensive CGI to recreate the lost world of the Templars. Filmed in Syria.  1x60min HD


Outbreak Investigation (National Geographic)

Produced and directed science drama-documentary about the deadly disease ‘Nipah’ that struck Malaysia in 1998. Shot full drama on location in Malaysia. Also filmed in Australia and the United States. Featured extensive CGI.   1x60min.


Days That Shook the World (BBC 2/BBC 4)

Produced and directed drama on the Battle of Midway - a decisive battle of World War Two. Filmed on location in the US and featuring visual effects and stunts in battle sequences.  1x60min.


Britain’s Finest Natural Wonders (Channel 5)

Produced, directed and filmed documentary in which the public voted for Britain’s top ten natural wonders. Presented by Nigel Marven and featuring dramatic reconstruction. 1x90min


Britain’s Finest Stately Homes (Channel 5)

Directed episode of landmark Five series in which the public voted for Britain’s top ten finest Stately Homes. Presented by Hugh Scully and featured dramatic reconstruction. 1x90min


Getting Afloat (Discovery)

Devised, produced, directed, filmed and edited series presented by Nick Gates. This is the history of wooden working boats told through Nick crewing and building them.  15x30min


The Mad Mole of Edge Hill (C4)

Originated, produced and directed documentary on subterranean Liverpool; a detective story following one man’s quest to rediscover an amazing labyrinth of tunnels lost for over 200 years. 1x30min


The Bashers (C4)

‘A quirky, funny but ultimately rather moving film about the end of a creed’ – Michael Palin

Originated, produced and directed film about obsessive and secret rail enthusiasts known as Bashers. 



The Locker (ITV) 

Directed stories for magazine show presented by Gaby Logan.


Editor (Selected Credits)


Reading the Decades (BBC 2) - 2001

Edited film on the bestsellers of the 1970s. Featured interviews, reconstructions and archive.


Omnibus – Mario Testino (BBC1) - 1999

Edited documentary following world famous photographer Mario Testino over a year of his life.


Meet the Ancestors (BBC2) - 1999

Edited six episodes of popular BBC Science archaeological series including two specials.


House Detectives (BBC2) - 1999

Edited several episodes of the history show uncovering stories of buildings around the world.


Channel 4 Political Awards (Channel 4) – 1998, 1999

Edited two of the prestigious annual events involving quick turn-around. Including cutting comedy sketches.


Geri (Channel 4) - 1998

Editor on award-winning Molly Dineen documentary about Geri Haliwell.


The Alternative (Discovery) - 1997

Award winner - New York film festival

Edited 15-part series on the science of holistic medicines.


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