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Over the last 20 years I have directed many genres of documentary; TRUE CRIME, SCIENCE, HISTORY, OBSERVATIONAL & LIVING HISTORY.


My films have won several awards and I've made series for the BBC, Channel 4 and Channel Five in the UK; PBS, History, Discovery, Reelz and National Geographic in the US.

I've filmed all over the world including China, Mongolia, Morocco, Italy, France, Turkey, Syria, Australia, Canada and across the US. I've filmed from the desert heat to the freezing cold tundra of the Arctic.  


Many of my films used drama and high end CGI to bring the stories to life. In series like A House Through Time and Who Do You Think You Are? I have brought original and in-depth research to life using great story-telling.


I'm also a very experienced self-shooter which I have found useful when filming sensitive stories - or to give extra production value to scenes by increasing coverage.


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